Friday, March 20, 2015

Project 3

For project 3 I decided to continue to go along with the comic book feel I was making with my work. For this project I played with multiple medias and different ink techniques, it has been awhile since I had done stippling and I was nervous to do it again for a project fearing the terrible outcome that was bound to happen, however; the outcome that became of it was more of a success which was nice since it is an easy technique to apply and use for nearly anything. A second technique I used for this project was fine lines which happens in the panels two and three. The fine lines allowed me to add gradual shading that became darker over time. This was also a fun technique that came easily to me but it did not give me a change unlike the graphite part I used for panels four, five and six. The use of graphite is sort of cliche on my part but the application came out nicely and looks as if the story is being viewed from two different perspectives. Overall this project gave me a somewhat difficult time but the outcome is something I enjoy viewing and something I see as worth the time I had put into it.

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