Thursday, December 4, 2014

Project 6 nature to mechanical

The recent project was changing something that was natural into mechanical, the sketches and idea forming for me was the easiest part because I enjoy seeing how something would look in a mechanical way, however; I also enjoy imagining how the parts would fit together to re-create this animal in the most unique was possible. I had troubles putting these idea into my finial work. I had jumped around in hoped for a better idea other than deep-sea creatures but that didn't come to me. I was then looking at my past works where i made steam-punk designs for a human robot in hopes to re-use it for this project though sadly I could not find them anywhere so I had to make a rough sketch of what I wanted to do in my sketch-book. The ideas I did not enjoy so I went back to the animal idea and started to form new thoughts. I went into this project head-first because the media was pencil I thought I had this project in the bag when to be honest I was just as confused as the table I sat at. I then went back to my original idea of working in a deep-sea type biome but then I had to stop working on the one I started because there was too much going on to focus on the robotic creature I had present in the piece. I had then realized I took a step back into my comfort zone which is something I do not enjoy so I decided to take the risk and do the sketch project in charcoal.

I enjoyed doing this project and the choice of media, I had never worked with charcoal before but I found it surprisingly enjoyable due to the it coming in different hardness but it still being able to shade like no tomorrow, it has come to show me that there is much more I can use other than paint, pencil and ink. I will defiantly return to the charcoal. I am pleased with the outcome and can state that I feel as if this is the best piece I have made for the enter semester. I will return to this media in the choice projects, I will also look back on some of the other projects and see which I need to redeem next which might be the self-portrait. This was good experience for me.