Thursday, February 12, 2015

Project 1 and 2

This is what I have done with my project, I decided to play it safe and use line and color to help express the child-likeness found in everyone. Though the use of color to express characters is hard, it allows for the viewer to get an understanding for the person or creature. The use of light colors such as in the second picture gives a feeling of peace and purity while the green against it complements each other giving off a feel of nature and down to earth. I do my best to avoid the use of black as I do not want to use that shade or colour to express the characteristics of a character I am creating, That is why the cloak of the skulled-creature had changed as when I used black it gave it a look of terror but when I used the violet it gave it a new light that was not so sinister but mysterious. I am not wanting to apply color to at least one of the two projects I submit bi-weekly; to show the feeling and the emotion of the characters by either the colors they are or the colors they wear. I have learned that the expression of people through colors is through clothing so I am doing my best to attempt to do that through my pieces.

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