Friday, March 20, 2015

Project 6

For this project I wanted to climb out of my comfort zone and put myself in unknown territory. Having seen other artists paint around me I decided to give it a shot and I am disappointed in the outcome of this project and let if unfinished. the paint was hard for me to control and the right color I wanted was harder to get than I had imagined. I have to admit I took too big of a step out of my comfort-zone that I wanted to. Rethinking it I should have done a pen and paint combo media work again, however; I am flatly stating that I am not going to do this media again as it is messy, difficult and too much for me. I am going to admit that i am not a painter and I do not want to paint I am a sketcher and a drawer, I am not suppose to paint I am suppose to draw. Stating that I had decided undoubtedly to continue with my pen work as it is fine alone and looks nicer than anything I had done previously.

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