Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Well i wanted to put some humor into this project by stating what could be the most obvious thing i could think of; it shows the fact that apple has risen and other companies have been closed or bought-out. This demonstrates time by having our dearly dead Steve jobs unfinished but still dancing on the graves of the other companies. What i used for this project was a ton of paint and pencils. This piece is suppose to give a  humors expression of the early death of Steve Jobs but is still making accomplishments. The emotions is suppose to be happy and half-full kinda look.

When i started this intertextuality project what i thought what would be the best option was a 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Batman' mash-up by having the joker as a card knight. Soon i just choose to make a stitzel of the Joker to show his sort of ironic personality. I choose to make a stitzel to show the wildness of this iconic super-villain. On truth they have much in common ranging from the messy work to changing the color of my shoes.I wanted to show a deeper side of the Joker that most see but just brush off, his irony. The irony that even made him and Batman share a laugh. The irony of there is a little piece of him inside all of us.