Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Project 4 choice

For this project my start was totally different then what I had ended up choosing. My original concept was of a mythical beast in pastel. I wanted to do pastel because it would have covered my heavy-handed marks though with some thought and more focus I pushed myself in a complete and opposite direction from a scorpion based people to more of a sea based. Though choosing between the two was hard since I love both of the base animals dearly I had to look in a different perspective. The perspective of opportunity looked at the shrimp based people and saw a chance with lightening affects and reflections.

Before doing paints I wanted to test out what I was doing in pen and ink, even though the out-come was great it would have taken a longer time. The stippling I was using would have called for more detail then I wanted to put in. So that is when I moved to paints since details would be harder but lightening would be easier. I certainly have come to enjoy the project as I went on to change and tweak the mythic beast I was creating. The outcome is both a bit of a mess and a definite revisit to improve my lacking skill of acrylic paint.

Project 3 simple object

For my Item project I chose to do an angel statue that has a lot of meaning to my family and me. For medium I chose to do the piece in prism-color since my last attempt at using prism-colors did not turn out so swell. I took this project as an opportunity to show that something can be more then it appears to be. To show that I thought it would be best to edit the photo so it was not me trying to copy what I saw on paper but rather to test my imagination to create something that is both realistic but creative. So I took kept the color pattern by reapplied it and lost some pieces in order to give it an unfinished feel to the work.

This was my first and only practice that I had done to see what I could do in my creative perspective to make it more of an imagination sort of feel. In doing so I was thinking of mixing medium so a mix between oil and prism-color though the outcome had some spots too dark for the prism-color or too light for the oil. With this as being the out-come I chose to just stick with the prism color in hopes I can pull it off since my last project with prism-color was an unpleasant experience where I had to focus more on the application of the prism-color. This project was not only testing my realistic imagination but rather my control of prism-color. To do so made me suffer in making it somewhat smaller then I had originally planned.

The outcome was more than redeeming for me personally as I reached a personal goal in progressing in a new medium. The lighting was easier for me this time around which I still do not know why. The shading to light and dark was smooth and I was able to give it a life-like and imaginative look. This project by far has shown my ability to progress in one medium if I use it a few times then take the time to reuse what I know. I may not be using the prism-colors again because of my comfort with them. I will be pushing to more mediums that make me uncomfortable.