Twenty-fourteen over-view of 2013-2014 projects.

I feel as though out of all the work i have done, this is the most successful piece that the group and I produced. We knew the positioning of the pictures was superbly important and vital to the project to truly give the illusion of force perspective. We wanted to crop some of the pictures to help obtain this force perspective. I truly enjoyed this piece though I did not enjoy the literal down fall that appears in the lower picture above. It's safe to say that is first time i had ever gotten stuck in a locker with only my foot.

     I felt over come with this layer project. It was the first time i wanted to do something out of the box and i wasn't happy with the outcome has you can see in the first picture above of me smashing a motherboard. Though this challenged my willpower to move on and to work with, against, and around obstacles. Even though this hand project was a complete failure it gave me new skills at which i would never have if i didn't do it. It gave me motivation to keep trying no matter how much you fail. And best of all the capability of working with others and listening to their input to help with my project.

Over all the work I have done the very first project was the one that set my mark as an artist. It wasn't a paint, it wasn't a sculpture or even was simply one word. That one word was 'Education' but the word itself was complemented by my cursive calligraphy that spread wide and vast making images that seem to have taken up the negative space without taking away from the piece. I have to say it was my most favorite work and that nothing else that i will art will never be as great as that. It was so out of the box and yet so simple that the idea of it didn't cross the mind of my fellow peers. All i can say that i felt like i had the most success as an artist with that more then anything.

I enjoyed this way of teaching do to the creative free range that given to me. Nothing was to extreme and nothing was too dull. Everything was chaotic at first but then you get a swing of it and start getting bigger and bigger ideas till do it. And then to know that you completed something only with a phrase or one word in mind is amazing. It was a way to ensure no two art pieces were or will ever be the same. If i were a teacher of high school art i would most defiantly teach in this way more often.

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