Tuesday, May 26, 2015

AP art analysis

So, the end of the year is upon us and I have much to say about my experience with the AP art class, however; I find it hard to pinpoint exactly what to tell you my readers about my experience in this marvelous year long art class. I could just fill this page about how I grew as an artist under the guidance of one of the best art teachers I have had by fare and my growth as a better person as I have interacted with other artists who have struggles that differ from mine. The best way to go around this is to sum up what has been many months around various artists who styles and life's differ so much from each other. Over all I can that this has been the best experience I had since my coming into high-school. I will truly miss all of you.

So the beginning of the year was a struggle for me socially and artistically as I have had no thought of what i was going to do for this new class. The time I had spent on my pieces were little to none as I myself had hit a wall, an artist's wall..much like a runner's wall but with art, it took some time and socialization to know that no one was being judged for their art and that there was a friendly and happy environment to be promoted here. This lead me to come out of my shell a bit both as a person and an artist, I had started spending more time on my art and even bumped heads with other people who have very different styles and thinking patterns than I do and I do not regret one bit of it because in the end it turned out the way I had imagined it or pretty close. With the guidance given by my newly founded friends ,who would have made me a better person and artist, and my wonderful instructor I had started to make pieces that truly reflect who I am and what I am.

By the end of the first quarter I had been putting much more effort into my pieces than I had at the start unknowingly finding my concentration before I had even thought of it. I was starting to piece together what I was thinking but wasn't thinking at this time and with the combined efforts of my art teacher Mrs.Rossi and my many friends I had pushed out of my comfort-zone and was trying new and interesting medias that I would have never done before. This had lead me to realize that I need to practice more at people and painting because both were not my strong suit and I needed to find my tone, my media and who I am as an artist. I look back and realize that there was many pushes made to be who and what I am right now and many of those pushed started right here..at this time. When I needed help my friends and teacher had helped me chose new media that was best suited for me.

After that we were nearing the end of the second quarter of the first semester I had not done much self-reflection and hated my breadth pieces as I did not see them for what they were and how they were apart of me at this time. All I know was that there was something about them that I both hated and loved it had bothered me tremendously because none of it in my eyes had led to the creation of my concentration. Even though it took awhile I took the words of my art teacher and applied them heavily studying all of my breadth pieces to see what they all had in common and how they show me as an artist then it dawned on me. My concentration was something that I am, that I was, it was something that I hold the dearest to me and no even though I hold people close to me my dearest part of me is my childish ways. They had unknowingly sparked into my art and provided me with these cool and interesting ideas that I would have never thought of if I had conformed and repressed my childish thoughts.

So the beginning of the second semester was the turn of a new leaf for me socially and artistically as I had formed new friends and allies in art. These allies were and are people that I can trust to give me true criticism where I need it with me knowing that it is for the good. I had started settling into my media of ink but not sure how to use it so I started with the ink and water color which was heavily enjoyed by many but hated by myself. I had sunk deeper into my childish ways which better reveal more works of art that I have had bundled inside of me waiting to be released upon my friends in my art class. It was the best feeling to finally know who I am as a person, an artist and as a friend to many of my peers and others. From there everything had blurred into one fast motion of fun, adventure, learning and art. I honestly can say that I do not regret a single moment of it all and that I wish that the year was long so I can further enjoy the company and the guidance of my friends and teacher. This has been a great year for me and in the words of our retired principle Mr. White "Make it a great day.." though I remember the whole thing being something more emotional and I think it has a better use here so from me the writer to you the reader "The choice is yours, so make it a great day."