Friday, March 20, 2015

Project 4

Project four, there is not much to say about it because it is self-explanatory to me, though; an explanation is in order I would guess. Well most comic books have something called a full-page which is a single panel that usually takes up 1 to two pages and is a climax of that particular issue, comics usually do this when introducing new major characters to their comic universe. OS i did a full page putting what I call a nightmare, which is the large orange-ish creature with the mask, against someone who I plan to have as a main character. This artwork features her pinned against it and that is it. What I used to do this project is pen and water-color, both were fun to work with. For the pen I tried something different I used finelines for not-so gradual shading and a thick point charpy to give it all a cartoonish type feel. The water-color stayed exactly where I wanted it due to the ink but it was harder to get it into the parts that had finer lines for some reason. Even though theses two medias work nicely together I do not see myself working in this combo media again as it messy but applies the cartoon/comic feel I have been trying to apply.

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