Thursday, September 12, 2013

This project was about using text in the form of art but with using words that affect people's culture. What is the most important thing about culture to me is 'education'. But most people would probable roll their eyes and say,"Yeah right out of all the things you could think of 'education' is the best you could come up with?" I will admit it was not exactly my first choice but i made this idea work. For those of you who could not see the word this piece is in fact just education. I used the fluid and curvy form of cursive, that is type of handwritten text that has been taken out of modern public schools. I used 'Old English' another hand written text type that has been taken out of education. But whats with the vines you might ask...those aren't exactly vines it is actually calligraphy a higher and only form of writing for important documents in the medieval era which was roughly 300ad-1800ad. I took a big risk on the ink knowing it will either be sharp and neat like calligraphy or be a hot mess. In my perspective it turned out nicely with and says so much then what it is at face value. The message of this is sort of saying,"Hey even though we are heading to paperless society we will still need this common skill of writing." Then again this is just one artist, with one word, and one picture with a few means. With this i will end my note by saying...Did you find the elephant?