Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Project 1 self-reflection

The prisma-colour challenged me in more way then one, I had to find I saw dear to myself before even starting. That by itself was a task to recon with...though by the end of it all I found what represents me the most. Even though it seemed odd I enjoyed drawing them because it was not just a reflection of myself but a reflection of how I can handle a new median. With the new median and the references that reflect me I took this as a chance to attempt to put my pencil skills into it all.

After a few sketches using the new median I grew comfortable with it immediately and greatly enjoyed the mixing of the colors. The prisms-colors were a totally new experience for me from which I greatly needed to expand my skill as an artist. I see I needed I need to test with prisms-colors and i will use this median to work with later on.
This was my third time using oil paints. I tested it with painting an apple, I was pleased with how the oils mixed and blended. This median turned out to be really messy and some-what hard to deal with. Even though it was the third time using this median it was a challenge as well as a pleasure to work with. I may not use this median in the future due to its difficulty with staying in one area and not on my clothes. I may use this median with one or two more projects. I will take the other opportunities to practice oil paints on other projects.